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Robbers at Advance America Cash Advance

Robbers at Advance America Cash Advance

Recently, two robbers stole money from an Advance America Cash Advance store in Tucson, AZ as this article in the Arizona Daily Star chronicles.

What makes this situation very scary is that in the robbery, one of the robbers pointed an assault rifle at the clerk. Fortunately, in this situation no one was hurt and the robbers were quickly caught by police. However, it is very easy to see how this situation could have ended very badly for the clerk or patrons at the Advance America Cash Advance store.

This shows another example of how online cash advance loans can be superior to getting one from a local payday loan store. By going online, you can get a payday loan from the comfort and safety of your own home. Besides for safety, there are the other obvious benefits like ease, convenience and speed.

In this example of a dangerous situation at a local cash advance company, everything ended OK and no one was hurt. However, there is no need to even take the chances when easy, fast and convenient cash advances are available over the Internet. Browse this site more to learn the advantages of online cash advance loans, and compare various online payday loan companies.

Posted by Cash Advance Planet
Apr 17, 2006 4:57 pm

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